"In the community I live in there aren't really 'new neighbors' everyone has pretty much lived there. But my next door neighbor is elderly and has no family. For Christmas we sent her a Christmas Card and put a $20.00 Target gift card in it. I am not sure what her income is but she never has visitors. So this year it is going to be my goal to have my kids go brighten her day by visiting her if she will allow it. She is so used to being over at her house by herself. But we want her to know she is not forgotten and we are here for her."

"I was welcomed once and I never forget that. Now I always try my best to be caring, and helpful for others. It's not easy to be the "new" neighbor" but thank God it is always nice when people make you feel great and bienvenido!"

Here is a truly heartwarming tale shared by one generous Michigan family: "I worked at Freedom House, in Detroit from 2001 to 2003. As you might know, Freedom House is a shelter for men, women, and families who are seeking asylum in the United States or Canada. One summer a young man arrived from the Congo. He had been imprisoned and tortured for two years due to the political situation in his country. This was his first summer at Freedom House. While he was adjusting to life in the US, he was struggling a bit with living in an urban area.

Tell us a welcoming story and ENTER TO WIN 2 tickets to see African singer Angélique Kidjo at the Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor at 8pm on 2/1/13! Share a story in brief paragraph form about welcoming immigrants or refugees, taken from your personal life or witnessed in the community, and replacing names or identifiers if necessary. One submission will be selected at random and announced on Jan 25th. Post your story at www.facebook.com/welcomingmichigan, or email to csauve@lsscm.org.

Residents come together to affirm City of Hamtramck is welcoming to immigrants Hamtramck, MI – On Tuesday October 23rd, the Hamtramck City Council passed a resolution “affirming that the City of Hamtramck is a welcoming community and respects the innate dignity of all people.” The resolution is supported by the local Welcoming Michigan leadership committee, made up of Hamtramck residents and representatives from faith institutions, law enforcement, social services, and education. The committee has worked hard over the past eight months to connect U.S.


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