July 2012, Chadsey Condon, Detroit, MI - On July 7th youth from the Chadsey Condon neighborhood in Southwest Detroit came together to celebrate the power of arts and culture to create welcoming communities at the “You’re Welcome! Youth + Arts” event held at the Garage Cultural. Despite the sweltering heat, local residents came out to enjoy an afternoon of performances and workshops celebrating the cultural contributions of immigrants and representing the diversity of the neighborhood.

June 2012, Chadsey Condon, Detroit, MI - The Chadsey Condon Community Organization governance board passed a Welcoming Resolution affirming that Chadsey Condon is a welcoming neighborhood for all. The resolution reads as follows:


Resolution affirming that Chadsey Condon is a welcoming community and respects the innate dignity of all people. The Chadsey Condon boundaries extend from Warren Ave to John Kronk Street, and from Wyoming Street to I-96.

June 2012, Chadsey Condon, Detroit, MI - Residents attended a screening of the “Welcome to Shelbyville” film, followed by a discussion of experiences in Chadsey Condon. Here was some of the feedback from attendees: “It helped me think of ways we can be welcoming.” “Space for dialogue was most valuable!!!” “Change can begin with a brave few.”

May 2012, Hamtramck, MI - Residents watched “Welcome to Shelbyville” and had some good discussion about how the film relates to Hamtramck. To learn more about this film, please visit: http://www.welcometoshelbyvillefilm.com/.

May 2012, Hamtramck, MI - Despite the drizzle, residents came out to celebrate Kite Day, a fun way to get to know your neighbors! Check out news coverage of this event here.


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