May 2012, Detroit, MI - Members of the local leadership committees took part in an “Immigration 101” training presented by MIRC & New Detroit. Participants learned the immigration system is extremely complicated and not as simple as “getting in line!"

May 2012, Chadsey Condon, Detroit - Welcoming Michgan took part in the Chadsey Condon Community Organization’s annual “Unity Festival” and helped create a fun bingo game for residents to learn about the history and diversity of the neighborhood.

May 2012, Chadsey Condon, Detroit, MI - Chadsey Condon residents celebrated Cinco de Mayo by sharing a meal and watching the parade with their African American, Arab, Caucasian, and Latino neighbors . The group had tshirts made proclaiming “Chasdey Condon is a WELCOMING community!” and displaying the word “welcome” in Spanish, English, and Arabic.

May 2012, Sterling Heights, MI - Members of the Sterling Heights Welcoming Committee volunteered to help elderly and indigent neighbors with lawncare duties as part of the city’s Pride & SHINE program. See news coverage of this event here.

May 2012, Chadsey Condon, Detroit, MI - Members of the Chadsey Condon Welcoming Committee developed their capacity as leaders and ambassadors through a workshop on diversity led by the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity & Inclusion.


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