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Resources for Welcoming

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How do we all do welcoming work? We hope that this collection of toolkits, reports, articles, and other resources helps to answer that question and support you in building an immigrant-friendly Michigan. We will be adding resources to this collection over time, so please check back often! 


Media & Publicity

If you are a member of the media and would like to learn more about Welcoming Michigan, please contact


Articles and media coverage of Welcoming Michigan and Welcoming America:

Why Welcoming Immigrants Advances Social Progress & Prosperity (Skoll World Forum, 05/15/2014)

A Welcoming Sign to Immigrants in the South  (Huffington Post, 12/2011)

A Tennessee Town and Its Somali Refugees  (PRI-The World, 5/2011)

Beyond Jan Brewer and Lou Dobbs: A Calm Center in the Immigration Debate   (Huffington Post, 5/2011)

How to Build a Nation of Neighbors  (The New Republic, 9/2010)


Civic Groups & Municipalities

Welcoming Michigan Business Circle

Join the Welcoming Michigan Business Circle! If you are a business owner who would like to support Welcoming, please contact us to learn more about how you can make a tax-deductible donation to help sustain Welcoming Michigan. In exchange for your generous contribution, we will list your business on our website and send you a Welcoming Michigan Lapel Pin.

Thank you for your support!