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Welcoming Michigan will not be hosting a Statewide Convening in 2020.
2019 National Immigrant Integration Conference

In 2019, Welcoming Michigan did not host a Statewide Convening. Instead, we joined MIRC, ACCESS, and Michigan United in hosting the 2019 National Immigrant Integration Conference in Detroit. 


Recap: 2018 Welcoming Michigan Statewide Convening & MCIRR Summit - "Coming Together For Our Communities"

Welcoming Michigan and the Michigan Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (MCIRR) joined forces to host a combined gathering of 200 community members, immigrant rights advocates, and municipal partners committed to creating more inclusive and welcoming communities. Attendees came together during National Welcoming Week to learn from each other and share promising practices. We enjoyed a dynamic day of networking with welcomers from across the state!

Check out the amazing lineup of speakers and workshops:

You can find presentations and materials from the event here, and the participant contact list here. You can read MCIRR Champion Maria Ibarra-Frayre’s poem ‘The Right Way’ here, and see Dr. William Lopez’ keynote speech here. You can see photos of friends and colleagues here.

Did you miss the previous events? See some of the materials below...

Recap: 2017 Statewide Convening

In September 2017 Welcoming Michigan hosted its fourth annual statewide convening in Ann Arbor. With 200 attendees, we were at maximum capacity for a day of training, learning, and sharing best practices with peers working in immigrant integration. Attendees learned about welcoming initiatives from across the state, listened to the personal migration stories of community members, heard about the "Hijabs & Hoodies" project, and connected with a variety of presenters on the topics of law enforcement, intersections of race and identity, community engagement, bias and hate crimes, advocacy tools, immigration law, and more. If you missed the 2017 convening, check out some of the conference photos, and conference materials. Agenda available here.

Recap: 2016 Statewide Convening

In September 2016 Welcoming Michigan hosted its third annual statewide convening in Lansing. Attendees learned about welcoming initiatives across the state, heard inspiring words from Deepa Iyer, and connected with a variety of presenters on the topics of Education, LGBT Immigrants, Faith-based Initiatives, Storytelling, Local ID Programs, Language Access, Community Engagement, Housing, and Immigration Law. If you missed the 2016 convening, check out some of the news coverage, conference highlights, photos, and conference materials. Agenda available here.

Recap: 2015 Statewide Convening

In September 2015 Welcoming Michigan hosted its second annual statewide convening with 150 participants from the state's Welcoming Cities & Counties. Attendees learned about welcoming initiatives across the state, how to be an immigrant rights ally, and heard from a variety of panelists on the topics of Welcoming Schools, Power of Arts & Culture to Unite Communities, Local ID Programs, Ensuring Language Access, and engaged in sector specific Learning Circles. Check out some of the Twitter highlights, photos, and conference materials.