Hamtramck City Council Passes Welcoming Resolution

Residents come together to affirm City of Hamtramck is welcoming to immigrants Hamtramck, MI – On Tuesday October 23rd, the Hamtramck City Council passed a resolution “affirming that the City of Hamtramck is a welcoming community and respects the innate dignity of all people.” The resolution is supported by the local Welcoming Michigan leadership committee, made up of Hamtramck residents and representatives from faith institutions, law enforcement, social services, and education. The committee has worked hard over the past eight months to connect U.S. born residents with their new neighbors from other countries through film screenings,discussions, Kite Day, citizenship workshops, and a Public Safety Day festival. "Immigrants are and always have been key to what makes Hamtramck a wonderful community,” says Hamtramck Chief of Police Maxwell Garbarino. “Welcoming Michigan's endeavors are excellent to help support that tradition and to help make them feel more welcome here, now, and always." The resolution urges residents to join in lifting up the city of Hamtramck as a welcoming environment for all. HAMTRAMCK WELCOMING RESOLUTION Resolution affirming that the City of Hamtramck is a welcoming community and respects the innate dignity of all people. WHEREAS, the Hamtramck community remembers, honors, and values our immigrant and migrant roots, and embraces the values of family, faith, and hard work; and WHEREAS, the Welcoming Hamtramck initiative aims to build cooperation, respect, and compassion among all in our community, including immigrants and non-immigrants alike; endeavors to create an atmosphere in which immigrants and refugees have increased opportunities to integrate into the social fabric of their adopted hometowns; and seeks to embrace diversity while retaining unique cultural identities; and WHEREAS, the Hamtramck community has long been recognized as a hospitable and welcoming place, where people, families, and institutions thrive and the contributions of all are celebrated and valued. Residents of Hamtramck live up to our highest American values of acceptance and equality, and treat newcomers with decency and respect, creating a vibrant community for all to live in; and WHEREAS, the Hamtramck community is committed to continue building a neighborly and welcoming atmosphere in our community, where all are welcome, accepted and appreciated; and WHEREAS, the city of Hamtramck extends the message “you fit in here” to all residents; now therefore be it RESOLVED, by the Hamtramck City Council, on this twenty-third day of October, two thousand and twelve, that the Hamtramck community is affirmed as a place where all foreign-born and native-born Americans can live, work, and play together; share in each other’s customs and ideals, and appreciate and promote cultural diversity. We urge residents and stakeholders of the Hamtramck community to join with the efforts and spirit of the Welcoming Michigan initiative and join in lifting up the city of Hamtramck as a welcoming environment for all. This Welcoming Resolution is put forth and supported by: Members of the Welcoming Hamtramck Leadership Team Acts 29: Acts 29 Fellowship is dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus with children, youth and adults in our community. Since 2005 we have touched the lives of hundreds of people through ESL, home repair, Bible studies, addiction recovery ministry, weekly youth programs and year round adventure camping. Friendship House: Friendship House is a community resource network of “neighbors helping neighbors” dedicated to meeting basic human needs and fulfilling dreams for a healthy and peaceful community. Hamtramck Police Department: It is the purpose of the Hamtramck Police Department to preserve the public peace and order, apprehend violators and offenders, and to protect the citizenry and property under the laws of the State, and ordinances of the City of Hamtramck, in a firm and fair professional manner. Piast Institute: Builds bridges of understanding and cooperation between diverse groups and gives them organizational tools and data to shape the common good together through research, advocacy and coalition building. Welcoming Hamtramck Youth Committee: Young people working to spread the Welcoming Michigan mission and encourage more youth involvement. Fellow Community Partners ACCESS: Dedicated to empowering and enabling individuals, families, and communities to lead informed, productive, culturally sensitive and fulfilling lives. Hamtramck Community Initiative: Creating a safe and vibrant Hamtramck through grassroots community engagement. People’s Community Services: A non-profit organization established to continue a historical interest of people in providing social services to the especially needy neighborhoods of the Metropolitan Detroit area, so as to meet the needs of the individuals and families of the community without regard to race, sex, age, or religion.