Enchilada Cooking Class with Maria!

This past Tuesday Welcoming Michigan coordinated our first cooking class in SW Michigan and it was great fun! This class was taught by Maria D. and took place at the home of a South Haven resident. Maria, from Michoacan, Mexico moved to South Haven with her two children, ages 9 and 11, during the summer of 2012 to reunite with her husband who had been traveling between Michoacan, Chicago, and South Haven every year for the past 10 years. While in Mexico, Maria made and sold enchiladas and other Mexican food. Since arriving to South Haven nine months ago, she hasn't had any opportunities to cook for people outside of her immediate family and has felt isolated and disconnected from a sense of community.

In December 2012 Welcoming Michigan - Van Buren County leadership committee member, Annie Brown of South Haven, hosted a holiday cookie exchange and invited members of the Hispanic community from her children's school. Maria's family attended the gathering and upon learning of Welcoming Michigan's plan to offer cooking classes throughout the community, as a way of sharing food, culture, community, and stories, she immediately volunteered to teach a class. Another attendee, South Haven resident Lynda, quickly offered her own home for a class. Lynda invited her closest friends and the event turned out to be a great success. Maria enjoyed the chance to share her knowledge and skills, and engage with a very welcoming and supportive group of women. The participants learned to make authentic Mexican enchildadas, enjoyed a delicious pre-prepared enchildada lunch made by Maria, and got to hear Maria's story and learn more about Welcoming Michigan.

To see more photos from Maria's Enchildada cooking class, please visit Welcoming Michigan on facebook. Stay tuned to our events calendar on the Get Involved page of this website for future cooking classes scheduled for later this summer. Thank you! Together. It's Better.