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Meet Daliesha! She loves living in a welcoming city.

My name is Daliesha and I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. The maternal side of my family migrated from Bolivar, Tennessee. My maternal great granddad was African American and Native American (Cherokee). My grandmother moved to Detroit after she graduated from high school to gain a better paying job. I moved from Detroit to Ann Arbor on a journey to pursue a college degree. Living in Ann Arbor has provided me with the opportunity to mix with people of different nationalities. I have met people from Africa, Asia, and Europe. Ann Arbor is a welcoming city because it is so diverse and it attracts people with the cultural events that represent the people living in the community. It is in this community I met my boyfriend of four years. He was born and raised in West Africa and immigrated to the states in pursuit of higher education. Although we may have the same heritage as being black people, we do not share the same culture. I was raised in the African American culture and he was raised in the African culture. I have been welcomed by his family with open arms. I have integrated the food that is eaten in Africa with the southern food I eat. I enjoy the music of West Africa as well as the dance that accompanies majority of the music. I am also practicing the French language so that I can communicate with family members that do not speak English. None of this would have been possible if I did not live in a welcoming city. I feel like I belong here and every day I enjoy sharing space with someone that has a different culture. I reap the benefit of seeing the children of different nationalities in the neighborhoods interact with each other with no problems. The adults smile, talk, and laugh with each other even though they may not fully understand each other, but there is an effort. There is always someone willing to help and share regardless of who you are and where you come from. The efforts and generosity make living in Ann Arbor a wonderful place.