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Meet Hanan!

Have you met Hanan Yahya, a member of the Welcoming Chadsey Condon group? She says "cultural competency is vital to creating a more vibrant and healthy community". Here is her story: "I was born the eighth child of nine in my hometown of Yemen. Yemen is an Arab country located in the Middle East, north of Saudi Arabia and east of Oman. My father emigrated from Yemen to Dearborn, MI in order to escape the hardship we were enduring. Once arrived and settled in Dearborn, he began to work for the auto industry. Once my father was established he was able to send for the remainder of our family. The family was able to come to the States in two trips. The trips were set up based on who received their documents first. In the first trip, my father and three of my siblings entered first, and my mother and I along with the remaining siblings came last. Having settled in Dearborn, we didn't encounter much difficulties of homesickness or adaptation because in the Southend, it's known to be "Yemeni Town." However, we didn't stay there for longer than 6 months because my father purchased a cheaper home in the Chadsey Condon neighborhood. That is when my younger sister America, also known as number 9, was born. Thankfully, I do not remember my immigration as a difficult experience considering I was young and was raised in America but what I do know is that the rest of my family did face many more difficulties. It's not easy to just "fit in" to American culture when you speak Arabic, wear the hijab, and also have different beliefs; especially in a post 9/11 era. While growing up, all I ever received from people were fearful looks and gestures who didn't even know me. As I educated myself when I grew older, I learned that this is just a process any community experiences and all people need is exposure. It's a blessing and a curse for multicultural American communities. Each is a melting pot filled with globally represented peoples and cultures. Thus, cultural competency is vital to creating a more vibrant and healthy community." Thanks Hanan for everything you do to make Chadsey Condon a better place! You are an inspiring young leader!