Mexican Cooking Class Brings Community Together

This is a guest blog entry from Jennie, one of our most dedicated partners and a Welcoming Committee member in Chadsey Condon. Jennie reflects on one of our recent Welcoming Week activities, a Mexican cooking class in Chadsey Condon, southwest Detroit. This was the first in a series of classes; join us again on October 17 for to learn how to make an Arabic dish, November 7 for Soul Food, and December 11 for Italian! "Maria and her daughter Everlin taught a cooking class teaching how to make sopes (a traditional Mexican dish, and a family favorite). Maria demonstrated and Everlin translated. There were roughly a dozen students, all of which got the chance to hand form the patties they would later eat. Some were perfectly round, some oblong, and some even seemed to have extremities, but no matter the shape they were delicious just the same. Because the class was a joint venture between the UOC TimeBank and Welcoming Michigan it was very intentional that we had such a diverse group. Together we laughed, we formed patties, we got a lesson on the presentation of Mexican food, and finally we shared a meal together. As a special after dinner treat Maria shared her immigration story with the group. It was heart felt, eye opening, and simply beautiful! We are so thankful to know such an amazing woman, it was two hours well spent!" -Jennie