Welcoming Resolution Passed in Chadsey Condon

June 2012, Chadsey Condon, Detroit, MI - The Chadsey Condon Community Organization governance board passed a Welcoming Resolution affirming that Chadsey Condon is a welcoming neighborhood for all. The resolution reads as follows:


Resolution affirming that Chadsey Condon is a welcoming community and respects the innate dignity of all people. The Chadsey Condon boundaries extend from Warren Ave to John Kronk Street, and from Wyoming Street to I-96.

WHEREAS, the Chadsey Condon community remembers, honors, and values our immigrant and migrant roots, and embraces the values of family, faith, and hard work; and

WHEREAS, the Welcoming Chadsey Condon initiative aims to build cooperation, respect, and compassion among all in our community, including immigrants and non-immigrants alike; endeavors to create an atmosphere in which immigrants and refugees have increased opportunities to integrate into the social fabric of their adopted hometowns; and seeks to embrace diversity while retaining unique cultural identities; and

WHEREAS, the Chadsey Condon community has long been recognized as a hospitable and welcoming place, where people, families, and institutions thrive and the contributions of all are celebrated and valued. Residents of Chadsey Condon live up to our highest American values of acceptance and equality, and treat newcomers with decency and respect, creating a vibrant community for all to live in; and

WHEREAS, the Chadsey Condon community is committed to continue building a neighborly and welcoming atmosphere in our community, where all are welcome, accepted and appreciated; now therefore be it

WHEREAS, As Maya Angelou stated “We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color;” and

RESOLVED, by the Chadsey Condon Governance Board, on this twenty-fifth day of June, two thousand and twelve, that the Chadsey Condon community is affirmed as a place where all foreign-born and native-born Americans can live, work, and play together; share in each other’s customs and ideals, and appreciate and promote cultural diversity.

We urge residents and stakeholders of the Chadsey Condon community to join with the efforts and spirit of the Welcoming Michigan initiative to be involved in lifting up the Chadsey Condon community as a welcoming environment for all.

This Welcoming Resolution is put forth and supported by:

Members of the Welcoming Chadsey Condon Leadership Team

ACCESS: Dedicated to empowering and enabling individuals, families, and communities to lead informed, productive, culturally sensitive and fulfilling lives.

Alternatives For Girls (AFG): A Detroit-based 501(c)3 nonprofit serving homeless and high-risk girls and young women. Since 1987, AFG has provided critical services to the girls and young women it serves, including safe shelter, street outreach and educational support, vocational guidance, after-school programs, and counseling. The goal is to empower the girls and young women it serves to make positive choices.

Bridging Communities, Inc: A grassroots collaboration involving local unions, businesses, residents, social service and faith-based organizations working together to create caring communities where people of all ages can live in dignity in Southwest Detroit.

Chadsey Condon Community Organization (CCCO): An organization dedicated to building a movement of committed and unified people that advocates and secure resources to transform the community by addressing needs. Our community goal is that all youth will have positive development opportunities at home, in school, and in the community.

Partnership for Youth: A Skillman funded project that works in the Chadsey Condon and Southwest Detroit communities. The goals of the initiative are to strengthen the supports and systems that affect youth ages 11-18 in the Chadsey-Condon and Southwest Detroit neighborhoods, and to help young people to develop themselves, their leadership, and their ability to exercise control over their environments.

Southwest Solutions: Since 1972, a southwest Detroit-based provider of both human services and housing and economic development. Our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and families, while helping southwest Detroit become a place where people choose to live because of its vitality and diversity.

Unity in Our Community TimeBank: Designed to nurture, inspire and motivate a network of neighbors, local businesses, and organizations to come together to create a caring and sharing community.

Welcoming Michigan: A statewide initiative of the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center working to promote mutual respect and cooperation between foreign-born and U.S.-born Americans.

Fellow Community Partners

American Indian Health & Family Services

Foundation of Love

Holy Cross Children’s Services

Prevailing CDC

Zion Chapel Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A.