Youth + Arts + Culture = You're Welcome!

July 2012, Chadsey Condon, Detroit, MI - On July 7th youth from the Chadsey Condon neighborhood in Southwest Detroit came together to celebrate the power of arts and culture to create welcoming communities at the “You’re Welcome! Youth + Arts” event held at the Garage Cultural. Despite the sweltering heat, local residents came out to enjoy an afternoon of performances and workshops celebrating the cultural contributions of immigrants and representing the diversity of the neighborhood. Artists, musicians, and performers reflected on their unique ability to welcome newcomers through art and shared their talents with the community. Youth enjoyed participating in hands-on workshops on hiphop, breakdancing, African drumming, Yemeni and Native American dancing, mural painting, and Latin music. Residents and youth appreciated the opportunity to share their culture with their neighbors, and let newcomers know they are welcome in Chadsey Condon! Visit our facebook page to see more photos from this event on the Welcoming Michigan facebook page.